Rashed ( one of the Dar Children) says:

We are a group of children and young men who have been deprived from the parental care for reasons unknown to us, but experience them, sharing aspiration and ambitions within a family characterized by friendship, love and peace, our mother flatters her wings filling our life  with joy and pleasure.  We can hear the  sincere beats of her heart equipping us with hope for a better life and a nicer future. 

We live in a charming city which is already located in the heart before the eye…. It is the green oasis city of Al Ain… our home is as no other home, which we love and are attached to,  we like everything it contains… we feel it and it feels us, it feels happy when are happy, and we feel its sadness when one of us weeps.  The neighbors like us and feel pleased when we are nearby, they smile whenever they glimpse us, they like to visit us and we like very much to play with them. 

Our house is neither huge nor luxurious, but it accommodates our little hearts.  We furnished it with love and every single part of it bears a beautiful memory and happy moments.  You will not believe that we can, when away from it, hear its nostalgic calls, we hear it greeting us every day.  We decorated its walls with our photos together, reflecting our smile and joy.  We have a wonderful garden which differs from other gardens.  Its trees are the same of our ages, we planted them and grew with us day after day.  We irrigate them with the water of love and feed them with friendship.  We see the smile of the roses every morning, they see us off and receive us every day when we go to school.  When we play in the garden, the tree sway with joy for our beautiful voices.

How do we pass our day?

Our life is quiet.  Every day leaves a print and memory we will never forget.  We wake up, do our prayers and pray for Allah (God) to preserve the blessing we have, we enjoy the sun rise in our garden, breath air filled with love and life, we have our breakfast together, our mother sees us off with a warm hug, providing us with confidence and love for life.  We spend a day of study consisting of education and activity.  We like our school which represents our hope for a bright future. We enjoy standing with our peers to salute the flag of our country flattering high, we study and work hard, enjoy everything.  We return home tired, but when our mother receives and kisses us all our fatigue is washed out .  we can hear the beats of her heart and feel her longing for us. Because our mother works hard, we help her with preparing the food.  We sit around the table, laughing loud when we start talking about our day, acts and our endless naughtiness.  Our mother urges us to have some rest before she begins helping us do our assignments.  At dinner, we rush to sit around our mum to watch a TV serial we all like. 

We go to bed after each one of us has taken their share from the warm hug or a caring kiss to help us have happy dreams.  We all wish if we can sleep inthe lap of our mum, but we know that it is set aside for our little brother Saeed..

In Summer, we go out to play, travel to enjoy the pleasant moments.  My brother Zayed plays for Al Ain Sporting Club. He is a clever swimmer, I like the chess club and football.  Muna likes painting at Al Ain green parks.  She has showcased her wonderful paintings at various events and exhibitions. 

How do you see our life?

Doesn't it deserve you to spend a beautiful day with us…    


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