Integrity and transparency

  • We adhere to the highest ethical principles, and pledge to act with integrity and transparency in a manner that achieves justice and promotes trust, credibility and institutional accountability.



  • We are committed to the highest levels of professionalism, quality, a spirit of high responsibility and within a framework of affiliation and solid career loyalty.



  • We are committed to supporting each other in our work through cooperation and teamwork, and we value the healthy environment that emanates from this approach which is based on deep respect and optimal investment in human resources.


Effective communication

  • We are committed to activating the various communication channels with all relevant categories of employees, customers, partners, suppliers and the local and international community.


Care and Protection

  • We consider the care of those who have lost family care as our first and primary task and we invest our resources in protecting them and developing their physical, mental and psychological abilities and instilling in them reconciliation with their reality, confidence and optimism in the future.


Excellence and leadership

  • We are keen on building a pioneering institution that works in accordance with local and international best practices and standards in a framework of innovation and creativity leading to excellence in all disciplines and at all organizational levels. We also value the focus on those who lack family care and the constant desire for continuous learning and exchange of knowledge between stakeholders.
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