1- Care, Family integration and community:

Dar Zayed for Family Care nurture children in need to family care in families which are close as possible to normal families in the community, and they provide them with the basic needs such as:
1- Family Expenditure / Pocket Money / Eid Supplies / Eids
2- Academic support
3- Supporting people of determination without care
4- Health support
5- Psychological support
6- Social inclusion
7- Training
8- Trips, activities and entertainment
9 - Scholarships and incentives for talented and talented students

2Support programs for foster families

Dar Zayed for Family Care provides advices to the foster families who have fostered a children of the Dar Zayed or to the other foster families in community on any issue related to the foster care. Dar Zayed also supports the families of fostered children who have been exposed to special conditions that threaten their stability in society. The support programs for foster families are as follows:
1- Consulting
2- Supporting troubled foster families

3- Community support programs

Dar Zayed for Family Care continues supporting all youth who are independent from Dar Zayed, through providing a counselling service to those who ask for it. Also,  Dar Zayed encourage the youth to seek the assistance of specialized government institutions to benefit from the services provided to community members.
1- Consulting

4- Supportive family support services

To ensure the highest quality family care for the children in need to family care and to support the efforts of care department , Dar Zayed for Family Care provides them with the following services:
1- Providing housing
2- Providing maintenance
3- Providing transportation
4- Providing services, support workers and supervision
5- Electronic Services (Internet)

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