The Youth section is concerned about care and follow-up of young men and women and about providing them with the best services by means of creating such family surroundings that conforms with national families. It aims at enabling the young men and women scientifically and practically, as well as to prepare them for self-reliance and for integration into the society.

Other Educational Project

External Families Project

The aim of this project is to support and care for the children who were deprived from living with their biological families tempo...

Family Incubation Project

The aim of this project is to integrate the children into the Society through living within relief standby Emirati Families that a...

Independent Families Project

This section is involved in caring for persons within the age category of (2 to 18 years), under the “SLOGAN OF THEIR HAPPINESS IS...

Temporary Care Project

This section aims at supervising Dar Zayed's married young men and women, inside and outside the Dar. It also aims at inculcating ...

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