Supplier's registration documents in DZFC

General conditions of supply:

  • The supplier’s signature of receipt of the purchase order is considered approval and renewal of the validity of the quotation upon its expiry.

  • The supplier delivers the required items to the house on the specified date and means a temporary receipt permission and the service must follow up on the examination date so that you can attend the final inspection and receipt procedures and the committee’s decisions to accept or reject the items completely.

  • If the supplier fails to supply all or some of the required items within the time specified in this matter, the necessary delay fines will be imposed on him according to the legal rules in force in the DZFC.

    Instructions for registration in the supplier register:

  • This form contains forms that must be completed Print in Arabic and English.

  • The supplier is responsible for the validity of the data he provides to the DZFC.

  • The supplier must provide a statement of any changes in his activity or legal capacity.

  • The DZFC is not obligated to invite all suppliers registered with it to enter into all or some of the tenders, practices and projects in general that occur with the DZFC.

  • In the event that any supplier does not comply with the DZFC’s laws and regulations, he will be removed from the supplier’s register and take all legal measures that follow.

  • The supplier will be dealt with according to the activities mentioned.
    Required Documents:

  • A copy of valid commercial licenses.

  • A valid copy of the membership of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

  • A copy of the signature approval.

  • An official letter from the bank with the IBAN bank account information.

  • A copy of the company incorporation contract.

  • An introductory message about the supplier stating the authorities that were dealt with.

  • Company Profile.

  • Please be aware that the omission of any of the required information will affect your classification and, accordingly, the type of tenders that you will be invited by the House later on.

  • The registration number must be submitted to enter into tenders / practices.

  • All suppliers should inform the Procurement Department in writing if the supplier changes any of the following data:

  • Modify address / name / location.

  • Modification of the name of the person concerned with the contract by the institution / company.

  • Modifying any of the specialized activities or subjects entrusted to it at the time of registration.

Conditions for registration in the supplier register:

Companies or institutions wishing to submit an application for registration must fulfill the following conditions:
The company / institution must be licensed by the competent authority.

  • Not be deprived of participation in tenders or practices conducted by any of the government departments.

  • Not to be owned by one of the employees of the DZFC, or to have a first degree kinship relationship with those involved in contracting or bidding.


I-Supplier Registeration

The department of Economic development is dealing only with the suppliers registered with Department of Finance (DoF), if you are not registered with Abu Dhabi Department of Finance 

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